About Me

My name is Jeff and I am a twenty-something millennial on a mission, striving to help people use technology to improve their lives.  I am a proud Creighton alum and currently work at GE Healthcare as an IT Business Analyst and Community Manager.

I am passionate about social business and helping people change the way they work. I graduated from GE’s Information Management Leadership Program in 2011 and have spent the last two years paving the way for social collaboration inside of GE.

I am married to my amazing wife Joanna (check out her journey at Makingmine.com) and a proud dad to Eleanor and Ruby.



Although I have a demanding day job at a Fortune 10 company, I do a accept a limited amount of outside consulting jobs each year.  My talents range from website setup & design to social business strategy.  Contact me at jeffreymurnan[at]gmail[dot]com to learn more about how I can help you with your digital needs.

If you liked what you’ve read, please consider connecting with me on anyone of my online channels.

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